lexyyyyy. (pwink__dolphin) wrote in themole_tv,

discussion post!

So, screw the text clue, no one cares. LET'S MAKE THIS THE DISCUSSION POST. k? k.

sorry, strapping, you're slow D:
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Yeah, where is the discussion post? Good episode so far, now I'm not sure who I think the mole is...it really could be any one of the three left.
I think I have a pretty good handle on who it is, and I have my second guess (who is becoming my first guess more and more). I'm probably wrong though XD
Who are your guesses?
Craig is my main guess. I want Mark to win, but I'm starting to think he could be the mole because he's a maniac who would take a guaranteed sum over the chance at the pot.
Yeah I was thinking Craig too and that Mark could actually be the mole now too, I don't know. I would like to see Mark win too, I like him.
Mark's definitely played the game the best. Craig's sabotaged too much for my liking, though, to be a good mole.

He still probably is though.
It's Craig. He knew way too much about the bomb challenge. (Remember how they "seeded" Kristen in the hotel room challenge in the first series? Same thing probably happened here.)
The exact line of thinking made me draw the same conclusion.
But then if one of the others is the mole they wouldn't want the other two to find out about the big clock...but that could be right.
Is this the episode discussion post? I don't want to read the comments if it's about that text clue (whatever that is). I'd hate to be spoiled this late in the game.

I loved the first mission, actually, the second one is pretty interesting too. Wtf is up with Nicole? It's not like the others see the way she's acting. I totally LOL'ed when John rolled his eyes at Nicole's tone (or was it when she hung up on him?) Ha ha. :p
oh, hell with it. let's make it the discussion post.
The first mission was great. I thought it was going to explode, especially after Jon just walked out after explaining absolutely NOTHING. I agree with you on the second one, too. Nicole was classic in that episode.

Jon: "...no it's not."
Nicole: "...screw you jon D: D:"

I lol'd.
Really looking forward to next week's episode. Good season, I think I've seen this whole season except the first episode. What did each person say about themselves on the application (that one question in the quiz)? 143 IQ, etc?
Nicole has to have been the IQ one.
What were the others?
No, it was Mark.

She seems such the type to have conversations like this:

"So, what do you do?"
"I'm an OB/GYN and have an IQ of 145."
"I... uh... see. Well, how do you know Joan?"
"She and I went to high school together. Did I mention I can crush small children with my thoughts?"
"That's nice. So, an OB/GYN, eh?"
"Yes. Also, I'm really really clever."
What were the other choices?
I didn't catch it - is next week an hour or a two-hour finale? I can't wait to see all the clues that were presented to use along the way. It's one of my favorite parts.

As usual, I simply can. not. make up my mind. I don't know who the Mole is - I feel I can make a good case for each but just for the sake of having to guess one, I'll go with Mark.

Can't wait 'til next week! :D
Same here, can't wait either, I'm not sure about the finale since this is the first time I've watched the show. It should be interesting to see all the clues, also I'm not sure now either who the mole is. I feel like you can make a good case for each person, I didn't think it was Mark all along but I could see him being the mole now, though I think I'd like him to win.
I believe it's been an hour in the previous seasons, so I'm guessing it'll be an hour here?
I will eat my own shoes if it is not Craig. All his talk about Mark being the Mole and how he's so excited he's in the top 3...he doesn't even sound like he believes himself.
I love how NOBODY thinks the mole is Nicole. Because really, she's too obvious to be a mole.