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The Mole is cancelled...

is what you will be reading soon according to blogger DangerousBreed (AKA Jim from season 1 of The Mole).  This is a real threat folks.  According to The Mole producer Scott Stone:  Unfortunately, it's past the August 2, 2008 deadline for the video mole challenge, but we can still contact the ABC exec's personally and let them know who we feel about our show and keeping it on the air.

You can e-mail Stephen McPherson at:
or his boss Anne Sweeney at:

Another option is to snail mail the ABC execs:

77 W 66th St # 13, New York, NY - (212) 456-7777 (google the zip code)

Mail a lemon with a lemonhead drawn on it (to represent Paul's lemon throwing incident).

Include something like the following in either e-mail or snail mail to express your feelings:

Dear ABC Executives:

I have watched every season of The Mole, and I believe it is the premier example of intelligent television. It requires so 
much more strategy than other reality shows out there right now.
I was so excited to see that you were bringing 
The Mole back for another season. But now that the season is almost over, I know of lots of people that would feel 
it’s "sour" to not renew it for another season.
It would be beneficial if it was put on at an earlier time slot, where 
families can watch it together. As a family-friendly station, I would believe that you would want to have something that 
parents and their children would be able to watch as a family. It is so much more "pure" than many of the other shows 
that are on at 8 PM. I’ll give you an example – Big Brother on CBS. It is extremely raunchy, and they put that show 
on at 8 PM. 
I promise that I would get 5 more people to watch The Mole if you renew. Also, if you allow 1 sponsor 
every week put some kind of clue in one of their ads run during the episode, the fans will be forced to watch 
the advertisements
, especially in the day and age of Tivo and DVR.

Consider this an avid fan of throwing lemons at you if you don’t renew The Mole for another season. 
You know what they say when life gives you lemons? You make lemonheads and renew another season of The Mole!

Avid fan of The Mole,

Let's keep this show alive.

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