I will be chasing A Starlight (astarlight) wrote in themole_tv,
I will be chasing A Starlight

Perhaps interesting facts about Mark

I'm from Wisconsin and my cousin is from Mukwonago and actually had Mark as a teacher. Today she came and visited and she told me some interesting stuff about him. I know it's like hearsay but I still think it's interesting and thought I'd share anyway :P

-She tells me the whole town basically watches the Mole and obviously since he can't say anything tries to pester him alot. Like trying to follow him on a 7 mile run and trying to ask questions while running. The guy can't walk into a walmart without being asked questions.

-Apparently he's a really loved, laid back teacher. Like, a student will walk in with a band tee and he'll ask about it, find it online and play it for the class. My cousin said she was one of her favorite teachers.

-She also shared that Mark was a victim of a robbery and was stabbed. He's also been shot in the back before too. (reluctant to do the mission to find clothes??)

-He's been on Weakest Link and Millionaire (won 64,000)

I guess the "spoilery" bits:

- She said he joked about his kid's black eye was caused by him blabbing "Dad is the mole"
-They also joke alot since he has a new car that he must have won with all that money.
- She thinks thinks its suspicious that Mark didn't know blue jeans wasn't a proper answer in the second mission. As a history teacher he seems to know alot of random facts like that.
-She also thinks it's suspicious that Mark writes everything down because she claims he's got a photographic memory.
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